June 14, 2009

Saturday night in Columbus

Last night we went to a little street party for a local bar that was celebrating 70 years. They blocked off the street and had a few bands playing etc. So the Wangs, Brennigars and Brian and I went to enjoy the festivities. (we met up with the Tablers while we were there) Well, as we were enjoying our evening of music and friendship we got a little "show" to go along with it.

Right in front of us was this couple. The man had his hand up his lady friend's very SHORT skirt. Higher and higher it seemed to go. As you can see...Hank may have had a beer or two to give him the courage to be in the photo!
I took the photos with my cell phone (while laughing hysterically) so they are not the sharpest...but you get the idea.


Diana said...

OMG..I am still laughing.
I am stealing this for my blog:)

Suzanne said...

As I said on Diana's blog these photos are PRICELESS! Only Hank would have the courage to pose for those pictures.