April 23, 2009

a little behind on the blogging.....

I've gotten a little behind on my blogging. Not that anyone except my mom, Diana, Suzanne and an occasional stray person read this. But I want to keep my mom happy. :)

So here is a quick update.....

Caitlin came home for Easter weekend. We spent Saturday at our good friends, the Bowling's. Our other good friends, the Wangs, were also there. Diane B. had a beautiful spread for us. There was an Easter basket for everyone filled with homemade goodies and special little things for each of us. (Brian had SPF 900 sunscreen in his basket) It was a very nice evening. The kids fished a little and we ended up watching Marley & Me. (which I didn't really want to watch because I've read the book and knew I would cry like a fool in front of everyone....and I did!)

Sunday Brian woke up and made us Eggs Benedict. It was a nice breakfast....then we had a nap! I drove Caitlin back to school in the afternoon.

Monday brought some Crohn's complications. :( By Tuesday I was back in the car and on my way back to Caitlin. I spent the rest of the week with her taking her to doctor appointments etc. A little set back in her healing, but I think we are moving in the right direction.

Friday Brian came out to attend the year end banquet for the swim team. It was a very nice affair and we just can't believe how fast Caitlin and Conner's freshman year has gone by. Brian spent the night in Champaign and we had breakfast with Caitlin before he left. It was actually "Mom's Weekend" so I had planned on staying till Sunday...she just got to have me for almost a week instead. Lucky girl. :)

Saturday evening a bunch of swim moms and daughters went to cook on the table Japanese food. It was a great time. Our cook was the most fun. He asked for a volunteer to come flip his eggs. Rachel was the lucky egg flipper! I love cook on the table. After dinner the freshman moms took our daughters to see 17 Again with Zac the kid from H.S. Musical. It was a pretty entertaining movie.

Caitlin is feeling better.....Conner is as cute as ever......Brian had to go to a manager meeting somewhere......and I need a nap!


Suzanne said...

You all look SO very happy in the photos! Glad to hear things are better on the health front.

Nan's Happenings said...

Neeser don't feel bad about crying
over Molly and Me, so did your Father and Brother. When we were at Amy's they got to see it...I had already seen it and had done my crying. Cindy is not allowed to see it, her girls banned her from ever seeing it...:) Looks like you had a wonderful Easter and Mother's and daughters weekend. Tell Brian I love his beard, and tell the kids I love them...OXOX