March 22, 2009

Age Group last short course time....

This weekend was Conner's last Age Group State short course swim meet. Next year he will have to swim with the big boys! (which, hello....he does have facial hair starting to grow!) This weekend he swam a TON of events.

Friday he swam the 500 freestyle and the 400 Medley relay. He dropped 6 seconds in the 500 and swam a 5:06. Just to give you an idea how far he's come this season, he started the season doing a 5:45.

Saturday he swam the 200 Medley relay, the 100 fly, 200 freestyle and 200 freestyle relay. He dropped over 2 seconds in his fly, doing a 57.57 and came back in finals doing a 57.43. The 200 free he had a little add. Oh, and he also ripped off about an inch of skin off his big toe during the 200 free. :(

Today he swam the 200 Individual Medley (added 1/2 second) the 100 free (dropped 1.5 seconds) and the 200 fly in which he dropped over 7 seconds swimming a 2:08....and the 400 free relay. We will be heading back tonight for him to swim the 200 fly again in finals.



Diana said...

WTG Conner..Mrs. Wang is sooo damn PROUD of you!!!
And your mom too for giving birth to you!!!

Suzanne said...

What a great weekend for Connor! It's a good thing a new puppy wasn't on the table for dropping times :-}