February 28, 2009

Caitlin visit

Yesterday Caitlin was able to come home and stay the night. Some of the girls were swimming at IU so a few of the girls that were not swimming decided to come cheer them on. Two of the older girls, Amy and CeCe, decided to stay in Bloomington in a room that another parent could not cancel, but they were so kind to drive Caitlin and her fellow freshman friend Torrey to our home to stay with us. It was great to see them all and have her home, even it was only for 8 hours. :) In the morning I drove the girls over to Bloomington and we cheered on the girls that were swimming. It was a VERY small meet and was over by 12:30 (prelims and finals!)
We were so glad to see Caitlin, and her friends are just wonderful!

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Suzanne said...

Great photos! I am sure you were thrilled to see her and spend time...even if it was for a short amount of time. Soon it will be summer vacation.